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Software Development in Vietnam: boring and not much value


Software Development in Vietnam: boring and not much value.
No arrogance, only from my vantage point, we will find out issues to make our software better. Do many Vietnamese companies still use the model in the image to develop software?
– Philosophies, presenting our religion, politics in monism (understood easily, a subject) which will deal with any issue in society. A culture likes outward appearance, also unable to choose a better thing.
– Education, each teacher often pays attention to a language, subject or course; lack of experience to implement a project practically.
– Developer, using a language to solve any function.
– Customer, they only request their business to be seen on layout of software with a limited payment in a developing country as Vietnam.
– We are proud of Vietnamese students who are excellent at Math but not to exploit the ability in development software field, such as PHP used for arithmetic complicatedly?
– Simple functions, we often implement input and output data instead of mining data. Developed countries are recruiting human resources from developing countries to create simple functions like making page layout (easy to eat a piece of pie).
– The most important idea for the topic is lack of creativeness. Businesses of entrepreneurs will be failed after starting a startup several years because lack of new ideas and mistakes in the first strategy to continue implementing their project. Knowing many programming languages helps them create and invent many different beneficial functions competitively.
– While the world of technology is talking about AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, developers are still based a language on as PHP, .NET, JAVA as a ticket to find a job. After 10 years, I start to study Python to implement exciting businesses to compensate for my perspective in software development process.

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